FCCF Board of Directors Operations Endowment

An anonymous donor established an endowment in the Franklin County Community Foundation. The donor chose to create the endowment to honor all past and present members of the Franklin County Community Foundation Board of Directors. The endowment has been named the FCCF Board of Directors Operations Endowment. 

Income from the fund will be granted to the FCCF to assist in funding its day to day operations. The Foundation needs operational monies to maintain, manage, and administer grants and scholarships. Operations endowments such as this one, along with contributions directly to operations, and a minimal administrative fee from our endowments are the only ways that we bring funds in for operational costs.

The FCCF Board of Directors Endowment is a tribute to those who have spent many hours governing and supporting the Foundation. Past board members, current board members and any others who wish may contribute.



Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.


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