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Robert & Ethel Crawford Unrestricted Memorial Endowment

Robert & Ethel Crawford

            The Robert & Ethel Crawford Memorial Endowment was established in 2000 by Bryce Q. and Eunice E. Dare to honor Eunice's parents. The endowment provides funding for non-profit projects and organizations in Franklin County.

            In 2002 this endowment went to the Whitewater Environmental Council to provide bluebird boxes in order to give the birds a place to nest. According to Terry Duffy, WEC Vice-president, the bluebirds had suffered a loss of habitat. The fall of wooded areas and changes in agriculture to metal fence posts threatened bluebirds from nesting in tree holes and wooden fence posts. During the cold winter months of 2002 the WEC purchased materials and began construction of boxes in February and March. They built more than 60 boxes, placing them at the Franklin County Park, Brookville Town Park and Franklin County 4-H fairgrounds. Thanks to the endowment the birds are safe and able to nest again in Franklin County.  

Bluebird Box


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