Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.

         Franklin County,  Indiana

Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary Endowment

          “How did you get so many stars in your sky?” was a question directed to Sister Ann VonderMeulen at Michaela Farm one summer. The question came from a student from an urban area who usually saw the lights of the city and not the sky in the evening.

          The student was brought to Michaela Farm for a six-day camp sponsored by the Oldenburg Franciscan Center and Michaela Farm, both ministries of the Oldenburg Franciscans. The student was one of many who camped at the Farm as part of the Children’s Educational Program.

         Michaela Farm at Oldenburg received a grant from the Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc. for materials to create three of five environmental education units. Designed by Sister Ann Marie Quinn, OSF, the three units are part of an expanded educational program to bring children to the farm for direct hands-on experiences with plants and animals. The Children’s Educational Program is primarily geared for kindergarten to grade six, but is versatile and applicable for many ages and groups. Quinn was director of environmental education at Imago’s Earth Center in Cincinnati prior to coming to Michaela Farm.

        The grant of $600 was available through the Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary Endowment. The endowment’s goal is to improve the environment and increase awareness of environmental issues through educational and practical projects. Michaela Farm, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis is a working farm with animals, gardens and a staff committed to sustainable agriculture. The site offers experiences for adults and children.


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