Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.

         Franklin County,  Indiana

John and Joyce Back Speech and Hearing Disability Endowment


           Joyce Back expressed the desire to create an endowment.  She had read through the entire Franklin County Community Foundation Annual Report and had learned a lot about how endowments work.  Joyce said that she has been dealing with hearing loss for many years and that she and her husband, John, wanted to do something to help others dealing with similar disabilities.

           Since that discussion, the couple has made the decision to make a difference.  They have created the John and Joyce Back Speech and Hearing Disability Endowment in the Franklin County Community Foundation.  The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to Franklin County residents who have speech or hearing disabilities.

           John and Joyce have had an interest in research and advanced procedures for candidates with speech or hearing problems for some time.  That interest comes from two sources.  First, Joyce has served on the Indiana State Lions Speech and Hearing Board of Directors for several years.  Second, Joyce has a personal knowledge of hearing loss stemming from her own difficulties. The endowment has been available for grant since 2008.


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