Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc.

         Franklin County,  Indiana

McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Education Endowment

                                    Kathy Orschell, McCullough-Hyde Hospital employee, takes a patient’s blood pressure.

           The Franklin County Community Foundation, in partnership with McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, announced the endowment of the Continuing Education Fund for McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Employees. The fund will benefit Franklin County, Indiana, residents employed by McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital (MHMH).

The Continuing Education Fund for McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Employees will provide financial support to Franklin County employees as they seek to meet regular continuing education (CEU) requirements necessary for health care professionals, including nurses, physical therapists and technicians.

“Nurses, for example, are required to complete 24 hours of professional education every two years, with the entire financial burden resting on their shoulders,” explains Franklin County Community Foundation Executive Director Shelly Lunsford.

The cost of training ranges from $35-100 per hour. Lunsford notes that the fund will help to offset these expenses, potentially benefiting at least three employees annually.

          Kathy Orschell, a longtime Franklin County resident and the Nurse Manager for Perioperative Services at McCullough-Hyde, strongly believes in the continuing education requirements.

        “As a health care employee, learning about new topics can help rejuvenate and regenerate you and your enthusiasm for your career,” Orschell said.

Orschell encourages anyone who is interested in giving back to the hospital to consider making a gift, either in memory of or in honor of a loved one, to the Continuing Education Fund for McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital Employees.

“Making a gift to this fund is a great way to thank individuals who have cared for those in the community,” said Orschell. “It also enables employees of McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital to provide our patients with the best care possible.”

One-third of McCullough-Hyde’s 500+ staff resides in Indiana, with 51 of those employees residing in Franklin County.


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