Franklin County Community Foundation, Inc

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Types of Funds Within the Foundation

Funds are administered and distributed according to our donorís wishes and the individual community needs.

Undesignated or Unrestricted Fund

 Allows for the greatest flexibility when donating charitable gifts. These funds allow the FCCF the opportunity to assess the greatest needs of the community and assist the community's individual programs.

Field of Interest Fund

Allows the donor to respond to certain program areas, such as youth, education, health, environment, etc.

Designated Fund

Allows the donor the opportunity to support their favorite charity in perpetuity.  The donor merely selects the charity that they wish to support.

Donor Advised Fund

Gives the donor the advantage of assisting in charity selection each year.  The Foundation's Board of Directors, however, make the final decision for the grants in accordance with the Federal Tax Code Regulations.

Scholarship Fund 

May be established in memory of a loved one or to honor family or friends so that deserving young people can get the education they might not otherwise receive.

Operating Endowment

Gives the donor the opportunity to support the community foundation's internal operations.

Agency Fund

A non-profit organization or agency may establish an endowment fund with the Foundation for management and investment purposes. The Foundation distributes the annual income back into the organizations and agencies for operating the programs of the agency.

Advised Funds, Non-Permanent 

These funds are typically established at the request of the donor to provide support from fund principal for charitable recipients recommended by the donor.  The recommendations must be advisory only, and the Foundation must be free to reject any recommendation.

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