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Special Assistance Grant Applications

2018 Grant Recipients (from Applicants)

Grants to Applicants – A total of $38,980 was awarded to organizations that went through the application process.  These grants were selected by the Grants committee to fund projects that followed FCCF’s guidelines as well as fit the criteria established by the donor when the fund was created. 

  • St. Michael School – Chrome Books (Mary Horstman Unrestricted Fund)
  • Laurel Volunteer Fire Department – coats and pants (Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund, Bath State Bank Fund for Community Grantmaking, FCN Bank Fund for Community Grantmaking)
  • River Valley Resources – computer replacement (Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund)
  • United Way of Franklin County – computer and sign (Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund)
  • Special Olympics – 15 swimsuits  (Brookville Foundation Endowment for Community Projects, Nicole “Nikki” Wilhelm Endowment, Bob & Marge Seibert Endowment, Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund)
  • Metamora Volunteer Fire Department – coats and pants (Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund, Robert & Ethel Crawford Unrestricted Endowment, MainSource Bank Fund for Community Grantmaking)
  • Town of Oldenburg – comprehensive plan (General Community Grants Endowment)
  • Kids Discovery Factory – Mobile Factory Exhibit ( Otto Family Endowment, Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund )
  • Stayin’ Alive – Family Fun Day (General Community Grants Endowment, Eunice Dare Unrestricted Fund)
  • Franklin County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit – training equipment (General Community Grants Endowment)
  • Batesville Intermediate School – playground updates ( General Community Grants Endowment)
  • W.A.T.C.H. Center – restroom repair & update (General Community Grants Endowment, Cptn. Charles N. Fox USAF Memorial Endowment, Lloyd Ratz Handicap Endowment)
  • Oldenburg Academy – recycling bins ( General Community Grants Endowment)
  • Franklin County Humane Society – “Cut the Cord” program (General Community Grants Endowment, Home & Garden Show Endowment)
  • Franklin County Recreational Baseball – t-ball field (General Community Grants Endowment)
  • FCCAN – support group furniture (General Community Grants Endowment)
  • Mt. Carmel School – Vik-O-Botics Club (General Community Grants Endowment

Designated Annual Grants – a total of $36,400 was awarded for designated grants.  These grants were made from endowment funds that were established to support a specific purpose.  The recipients did not have to apply for these grants.

  • Antique Farm Machinery Club – Antique Farm Machinery Club for museum (Antique Farm Machinery Club Museum Endowment)
  • Bath Conservation Club – general support (Eugene “Tude” Schultz Memorial Endowment)
  • Big Cedar Cemetery – cemetery maintenance  (Big Cedar Cemetery Endowment)
  • Brookville American Legion – to honor veterans (American Legion Veterans Memorial Endowment)
  • Brookville Elementary School – tutoring programs (BES Tutoring Endowment)
  • Brookville Elementary School – Special Education Program (Colton Jacob Brewer Memorial Endowment)
  • Franklin County Chamber of Commerce – general support (Lois Clark / Brookville Franklin County Chamber Endowment)
  • Brookville Volunteer Fire Department – general support (Bill & Anita Ratz Wind Beneath My Wings Endowment)
  • Drewersburg Cemetery – cemetery upkeep (Drewersburg Cemetery Preservation Endowment)
  • FCHS Athletic Department - women’s athletic program and men’s baseball program (Carl & Marjorie Hinesley Memorial Athletic Endowment)
  • Franklin County 4-H Association - support of 4-H (Franklin County 4-H Association Endowment)
  • Franklin County Cemetery Commission – cemetery maintenance (Bethlehem & Harmony Cemetery Preservation Endowment)
  • Franklin County Community Foundation – general operating (Operations Endowment, Eunice Dare Operations Endowment, David & Marjorie Barrett Family Endowment, Fred & Margaret Chappelow Operations Endowment, Mullin Cooney Family Endowment, Mabel & Maurice Brackney Operations Endowment, FCCF Board of Directors Operations Endowment, Cultivate Donor Development Endowment)
  • Franklin County Historical Society  - Old Brick Church maintenance  (Dr. & Mrs. Elmer Peters Endowment)
  • Franklin County Historical Society – maintenance & educational programs  (Harvey-Osborn Franklin County Historical Society Endowment Fund)
  • Franklin County Humane Society – general operating (Franklin County Humane Society Endowment)
  • Franklin County 4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club – general support (4-H Mustangers Horse & Pony Club Endowment)
  • Franklin County Public Library District - artwork in libraries (Franklin County Public Library District Art Endowment)
  • Guardian Angels Preservation Organization – general support (Holy Guardian Angels Preservation Endowment)
  • Hero Park Gazebo – gazebo maintenance (Hero Park Gazebo Endowment)
  • Holy Guardian Angels – Holy Guardian Angels church and cemetery maintenance (Holy Guardian Angels Catholic Church Endowment)
  • McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital – education for Franklin County employees (McCullough Hyde Memorial Hospital Education Endowment)
  • Old Franklin Church Cemetery Association – cemetery maintenance (Old Franklin Church Cemetery Endowment)
  • Old Franklin Church – general support (Old Franklin Church Endowment)
  • Oxford Society – Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary (Salt Creek Nature Sanctuary Endowment)
  • Pregnancy Help Center – general support (Olivia Rebecca Waggoner Memorial Endowment)
  • St. Michael Catholic Church – families in need, blind or nearly blind (Robert & Joan Nau Family Endowment)
  • St. Michael Catholic Church – youth group support (Aloys “Butch” & Cathy Knecht Youth Group Endowment)
  • St. Michael School – art department (SMART Endowment)
  • St. Michael School – education (Dr. & Mrs. Elmer Peters Endowment)
  • St. Michael School – technology (Raymond & Leo Amrhein Family Endowment)
  • St. Michael School – school maintenance (St. Michael School Maintenance Endowment)
  • St. Peter’s Catholic Church – cemetery maintenance (Hank & Georgianna Suding Family Endowment for St. Peter’s Cemetery)
  • St. Peter’s Catholic Church - youth group support (Aloys “Butch” & Cathy Knecht Youth Group Endowment)
  • St. Thomas Lutheran Church – funeral meals (Florence Underwood/Virginia Hunt Endowment)
  • Town of Brookville – Brookville Town Park (Canoe Festival Club Endowment)
  • Town of Brookville - Brookville Town Park or Heap Memorial  Swimming Pool (Danny Fox Memorial Endowment)
  • Town of Oldenburg – youth projects, town park or beautification (Oldenburg Town Fund in honor of Stan and Helen Enneking)
  • Tri-Kappa – enhance the quality of life in Brookville (Helen Strohmier Siebert Memorial Endowment)
  • United Way of Franklin County – United Way operations (United Way of Franklin County Endowment)
  • Whitewater Canal Trail – trail improvements (Whitewater Canal Trail Endowment)


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